Right now I'm not a published author either in print or in e-published but I'm working on my writing so that I can finally be published. Right now I only have starts to what could be published novels but they will need a lot of work since I wrote most of it years ago. I’ve also started writing new novels but since work has been very busy for me I haven’t had much opportunity to get any of them finished. Here I've posted blurbs for the books that I'm currently working on finishing up so I can edit and send out to publishers in hopes of being accepted to be published.

Milagros “Mila” Tavarez is a twenty-six year old attractive, confident, independent woman. She has dedicated her life to her job as police detective for the NYPD homicide. She never really had a social life since she lost her mother to a rogue vampire killer. But she did swear revenge on the vampire who took her mother away when she needed her most, that's why she became a cop so she could kill the vampire without being convicted of murder. But Mila had one pleasant memory in her childhood. She did have a one true love but she let him slip through her fingers when she was sixteen, but she has had some regrets about that.

When Secrets Are Revealed

Now it's 10 years later and she is going to her 10th year high school reunion and the handsome, charming and dangerously charismatic Logan O'Conner has come back for the woman he loved and lost. Logan and Mila have a long history together. They have known each other since they were teenagers. They were hopelessly in love with each other. But Mila found Logan in a very compromising position with another woman and they have never been close to each other since. But what Logan doesn't expect is a 600-year-old vampire by the name of Cameron who is after the same woman he came back to New York to claim.

And Lies Are Exposed

Cameron met Mila at one of his nightclubs one night. She was practically forced to go by her close friend and police partner detective Brandon Michaels. Cameron instantly fell in love with her beauty. He had to have her. Cameron has been trying to get this independent stubborn woman into his bed for three years, but when it looks like she is finally ready to give into him, here comes along the charming Logan O'Conner, Mila's one true love? Mila now has two sexy men after her and that's distracting her from her true purpose, which is to find the vampire who's killing all these married women including her mother.

Anything Can Happen...Even Murder

Now with these two very attractive men, Cameron is trying to get her into his bed and Logan is trying to steal her heart. But these two men may be the most sexiest men alive but each of them hold a very big secret that might just ruin whatever chances they might have with the very attractive police detective Mila Tavarez. Will she forgive them or will she grab them by the seat of their pants and kick them out of her life forever?

Angelina "Angel" Hernandez is a New York Times bestselling romance author who is also a single mother of 2-year-old twin boys. She is a full-time mom who is completely dedicated to giving her boys as much of a normal life as she possibly can while at the same time being a part-time successful romance writer that has been her dream since she learned how to write. Her family is part Italian and part Puerto Rican so they are always interfering in her life especially since she's an unmarried single mother who on top of that has no interest in getting married any time soon.

Declan O'Reilly has moved to the United States from Ireland to manage his father's Irish pub and restaurant, The O'Reilly's Clan, in Manhattan after leaving his best friend Shane Morgan managing his grandfather's pub in the heart of Dublin. He came to the States to start fresh but when he meets Angel and the twins everything turns upside down in his once peaceful bachelor life.

Angel's life takes a turn for the worst when the biological father of her twins comes back into the picture after telling her she would either get an abortion or to take a hike when she found out she was pregnant. She thinks that she is in this all alone but Declan has taken up a special place in her and the twin's life and keeping this part of her life a secret from him will be harder than she thought. Will the growing love between Angel and Declan bloom into a happy family together or will it cut short?

A childhood accident at Mystic Lake changed Sloan McLoughlin forever in a way he never expected. He grew up with a special gift to help grounded spirits move on into the light to start a new life. These gifts run through his father's family and can be traced through centuries of Irish McLoughlin's male bloodline. At twenty years of age Sloan has been helping ghosts move on for 10 years and he is starting to get tired of it always interfering in his love life. He's never had a normal relationship because he couldn't be totally honest with any of his girlfriends which is why they never last more than a month.

Callisto Romanos has lived a very privilege life in the city with her parents and younger brother. But when she was younger her parents sent her to various doctors and psychiatrists in order to help her. She use to talk about how when she touched someone who was injured that she could see in various different colors where they were hurt and somehow know how to fix them. Callie felt like a freak and so when her baby brother was born she stopped talking about her gift for healing and her parents thought that she was finally normal.

It was at the McLoughlin Family Bed & Breakfast that Sloan and Callie met for the first time and as they set their eyes on each other for the first time they instantly felt a connection to one another that they never felt before. As they spend the summer together they find out that they have more in common than the love of children and that is where things start to change for them both. Not long after Sloan and Callie find each other is when children start disappearing from town and coming back half dead with no memories of where they were taken. Now it's up to both Sloan and Callie to figure out what is happening to the children of Majestic Falls before Callie's younger brother Alex is taken next. Will the budding love between Sloan and Callie become the first lasting relationship for them both or will it cut short with the death a loved one?